Formed in 2004, RPM2 Inc., a TRACE certified company that assists Government Agencies, Disaster Management Organisations & Security Forces in protection of critical infrastructure; disaster management, implementation of advanced security infrastructure & procedures; weaponry etc.


A partial list of our our partners include G4S, HTI, TripleCanopy, MMIC, DHS, Armor Express, Vumii etc.


We are focused on Asia and select American, European, Middle-eastern and African countries. Over the years, we have worked with bureaucrats, business leaders, media and legal & domain experts in these markets and have developed insights into business, regulatory and legal environment.

Our engagement is governed by strict Non-Circumvention and Non-Disclosure agreements.


We operate within the framework defined by the U.S. PATRIOT Act, FCPA, India's Defence Procurement Procedures, The Official Secrets Act & understand the U.S. ITAR regulations thoroughly.